Division Head Message

Explore the rewarding field of rheumatology

Rheumatology is a diverse specialty and an ideal career choice for those who enjoy challenges in clinical medicine.

The Dalhousie University Division of Rheumatology is a regional tertiary care service that provides clinical consultation and care to patients from the Atlantic provinces. This busy and diverse practice offers students, residents and rotating learners significant exposure to a broad range of rheumatic diseases and disorders.

Combined with our division’s commitment to teaching and mentorship, our education programs offer outstanding learning and training experience in all aspects of rheumatology practice. Learners also have a unique opportunity to work side-by-side with rheumatology researchers who are engaged in a wide range of studies aimed at improving treatments and outcomes of patients with rheumatic diseases.

Students and trainees are encouraged to reach their full potential in our supportive environment. The division fosters a love of learning and an understanding that medical skills must be continually maintained and improved to achieve ongoing career growth and advancement.

Our ultimate goal is to relieve suffering, advance treatments and improve quality of life for our patients. We are confident that our rheumatology graduates are well prepared to carry this goal forward as they embark upon satisfying and rewarding medical careers.


Dr. Volodko Bakowsky
Interim division head / service chief, Division of Rheumatology