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Arnold Mitnitski, Professor of Medicine, is an applied mathematician cross-appointed with the departments of Community Health & Epidemiology, Mathematics and Statistics, and the Faculty of Computer Science. His expertise lies in mathematical modeling of complex biomedical systems, advanced data analysis and data mining.

Dr. Mitnitski is a three-time recipient of a Canadian Institutes of Health Research operating grant for “Mathematical modeling of fitness and frailty in relation to biological age in individuals and populations.” As part of a longstanding collaboration with Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, Professor of Medicine, he developed an integrated measure of human health known as the Frailty Index (FI), which now has numerous applications in epidemiology, medicine and economics.

He has published over 100 peer reviewed papers, and has a Web of Science h-index of 27 (10/ 2013). He has been a peer reviewer for as many as 30 journals (including Mech Ageing Dev, J Gerontol, J Theor Biol, Front in Genet, Phys Life Rev), and has delivered many presentations at national and international scientific meetings. Dr. Mitnitski is a Fellow of the American Gerontological Society, and an Associate Editor for BMC Geriatrics, Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research. He has received several distinctions, including a prestigious Dalhousie University Research Professorship (2011).

Born and educated in Russia (M Electrical Engineering, and PhD in Theoretical Mechanics/Applied Mathematics, St-Petersburg 1974), he moved to Montreal, Canada in 1992 and joined the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine in 2002.