Fellows have completed their subspecialty residency training (eg. cardiology) and continue to specialize in a specific area of medicine (eg. electrophysiology (EP)).

Subspecialty Fellow
Cardiology - EP Davis, Jason
Cardiology - EP Lee, David
Cardiology - PCI Alameer, Mognee
Cardiology - PCI Algethami, Aziz
Cardiology - PCI Al Jabri, Adil
Cardiology - PCI Kim, Joseph
Cardiology - PCI Thambi, Sunil (until Nov 2019)
Infectious Diseases / Medical Microbiology AlSidari, Hilal
Medical Oncology Thana, Myuran
Neurology Alnajar, Yousef
Neurology Badahdah, Adnan


Please note:  The above list is subject to change throughout the academic year.