Patient Care

In Dalhousie Medical School’s Department of Pathology, we’re committed to improving the quality of patient care in the Maritimes. We work towards that goal by incorporating a wide variety of hands-on residencies, research-based graduate studies and community services into our program offerings.

Taking care

With residency training programs in general pathology, anatomical pathology, hematological pathology, and medical microbiology, we have residents working in hospitals and clinics in all three Maritime Provinces. This not only provides our residents with the practical experience they need to become better physicians, it also offers extra support to patients.

Sharing our skills

The experts in our Histology and Research Services Laboratory don’t just share their knowledge with Dalhousie faculty, technicians, residents and students—they also serve as a resource for outside organizations looking for help with medical research techniques. By supporting medical research in this way, we’re ensuring that the public receives improved care.