Atlantic Pathology Conference 2017

Atlantic Pathology Conference 2017

O.E. Smith Cineplex Auditorium

IWK Health Centre, 5850 University Avenue

Halifax, NS

Saturday, 4 November 2017, 9:00-5:30



At the end of the conference you will:

  1. Have an understanding of recent developments in a variety of areas in Laboratory Medicine in Canada
  2. Have an understanding of relevant issues in Laboratory Medicine in the Atlantic Region
  3. Have had an opportunity to communicate with colleagues from across the Atlantic Region

This educational activity is accredited by the Canadian Association of Pathologists for 7 Royal College Section 1 MOC Program credits.


9:00 Opening Remarks

Molecular Pathology Update - Dr. Wenda Greer


  1. Be familiar with technology for next generation sequencing (NGS).
  2. Describe the utility of NGS in patient diagnosis, prognosis and treatment decisions.
  3. Be familiar with examples of cases where the technology has been helpful.
9:45 Graduate student presentations
10:30 Refreshment break

Laboratory Utilization - Dr. Manal Elnenaei


  1. Understand how to translate audits into improvements in policy and practice efficiency.
  2. Appreciate the role of the Laboratory Information System in driving efficiency gains.
  3. Realize the team multi-prong approach to utilization management.
  4. Recognize novel rapid identification systems in microbiology.
  5. Describe where we see a potential benefit of these systems in the province.
  6. Outline the potential benefits to patient care and antimicrobial stewardship.

Pathology Education: Competence by Design - Dr. Martin Bullock


  1. Describe the Royal College Competence by Design project.
  2. Describe the timeline transition of Canadian pathology training programs to CBD.
  3. Describe the main impacts of these changes on residency training in Atlantic Canada.
12:30 Lunch

Telepathology for the Maritimes - Dr. Sid Croul


  1. Describe the current Telepathology technologies commercially available.
  2. Consider the benefits that Telepathology might bring to Maritime pathology practice.

Immunohistochemistry - Dr. Kelly Dakin Hache


  1. List variables that influence the results of immunohistochemical tests.
  2. Understand selection of appropriate normal tissue controls.
  3. Identify specific recommendations for use of positive and negative control tissues
  4. Understand principles of test calibration and validation.
  5. Recognize importance of external quality control.

Placental Pathology - Dr. Kenneth Obenson


  1. Describe/list common placenta anomalies that may be associated with sudden unexpected fetal/maternal death.
  2. Describe/list PiLLs (Potentially Litigious Lesions).
3:30 Refreshment break
  Interesting Cases Presentations

QEII: A Cluster of AspergillosisDrs. Alexandra Pettit and Daniel Manders


  1. Review two concurrent autopsy cases involving Aspergillus infection.
  2. Review the clinical and pathologic findings associated with invasive Aspergillus.
  3. Learn the major subtypes of invasive Aspergillus including their microbiologic diagnosis.
  4. Review reporting considerations and infection control processes for infectious diseases at autopsy

IWK: Pediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma - Dr. Erica Schollenberg


  1. Recognize the variable morphology of pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma.
  2. Explain the appropriate pathologic work-up for pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma.
  3. Have an overview of the clinical management and prognosis of rhabdomyosarcoma.

SJRH: Small Cell Carcinoma of the Urinary Bladder Dr. Ather Naseemuddin


  1. Describe/list the differential diagnosis of poorly differentiated malignancies of the urinary bladder.
  2. Describe clinical and pathologic features of small cell carcinomas of the urinary bladder.

PEI: Lymphoid Neoplasm In the Bone MarrowDr. Jennifer Fesser


  1. List 3 hematologic neoplasms that express cyclin D1.
  2. List one +IHC (besides cyclin D1) that favors [this entity].
  3. List one -IHC that favors [this entity].
  4. List one genetic test that favors [this entity].
5:30 Networking at University Club pub
  Meeting of the Laboratory Medicine Section of DoctorsNS, 5:30-7:00


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