Graduate Studies Seminars

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Graduate studies seminars are held regularly on Thursdays at noon in the Tupper building, room 2L10, unless otherwise noted. Grand Rounds are generally held at the VG hospital auditorium. Specific titles/topics are announced in a weekly departmental email.

Below is the tentative schedule for the 2019-2020 academic year. If you have questions or corrections, or if you would like to be added to the email list, please contact



Speaker Topic

Sept. 5, 2019

No seminar scheduled  
Sept. 12, 2019 Meg Dahn, PhD candidate Understanding the role of ALDH1A3 in breast cancer: -omics and inhibitors
Sept. 19, 2019 Dr W. Phillip Moss Grand Rounds
Sept. 26, 2019 Zheng Pang, PhD candidate Early growth response 1 deficiency protects host against Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infection
Oct. 3, 2019 Carter Van Iderstine, MSc student Impact of pre-mRNA splicing factor 4 kinase (PRP4K) loss on Lung Adenocarcinoma
Oct. 10, 2019 Bassel Dawod, PhD candidate Toll-like receptor 2 impacts the development of oral tolerance via a milk-dependent mechanism
Oct. 17, 2019 Dr Andrew Hoofnagle Grand Rounds
Oct. 24, 2019 Mike Giacomantonio, PhD candidate The Kynurenine Pathway in Macrophages
Oct. 31, 2019 Cancelled No seminar - cancelled
Nov. 7, 2019 Youra Kim, PhD candidate Discovery of oncolytic virus-induced MHC ligands for cancer immunotherapy
Nov. 14, 2019 n/a n/a
Nov. 21, 2019 Sabateeshan Mathavarajah, MSc student From spotted gar to humans: evolutionary conservation of innate immune pathways
Nov. 28, 2019 Lauren Westhaver, PhD candidate Natural killer cells and mitochondrial damage-associated molecular patterns in ischemia reperfusion injury during liver transplantation
Dec. 5, 2019 No seminar scheduled  
Dec. 12, 2019 Dr Paola Marcato Grand Rounds
Dec. 19, 2019 No seminar scheduled - Winter holidays  
Dec. 26, 2019 No seminar scheduled - Winter holidays  
Jan. 2, 2020 No seminar scheduled - Winter holidays  
Jan. 9, 2020 No seminar scheduled  
Jan. 16, 2020 Rochelle Owen, Office of Sustainability Grand Rounds
Jan. 23, 2020 Edwin Leong, PhD candidate

Mast cells and skin fibrosis: Scratching at the surface of a role from progression to resolution

NOTE: Room change to CHEB C266

Jan. 30, 2020 Leah MacLean, MSc student  
Feb. 6, 2020 Namit Holay, PhD candidate  
Feb. 13, 2020 Kat Kratzer, MSc student  
Feb. 20, 2020 TBA Grand Rounds
Feb. 27, 2020 Ally Cook, MSc student  
Mar. 5, 2020 Sam Cutler, MSc student  
Mar. 12, 2020 No seminar scheduled  
Mar. 19, 2020 Sam Cutler, MSc student  
Mar. 26, 2020 Marie-Claire Wasson, MSc student  
Apr. 2, 2020 Mark Hanes, PhD candidate  
Apr. 9, 2020 Hanan Aljamedi, PhD candidate  
Apr. 16, 2020 TBA Grand Rounds