Dalhousie Hematopathologist David Conrad profiled in doctorsNS

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Dalhousie Hematopathologist David Conrad profiled in doctorsNS

Posted by Pathology on October 6, 2022 in News, Community

Dr. David Conrad, Pathology faculty member and Interim Division Head of Hematopathology at the Izaak Walton Killam Hospital for Children, has been profiled in the October 2022 edition of doctorsNS, the monthly publication of Doctors Nova Scotia.

Whatever the work at hand, Dr. Conrad is always looking for the teachable moments, whether in the lab or the classroom.

“I very much enjoy when I get a call from another physician looking for information or advice. Hematopathologists do a lot of computer and microscope work, but we are consultants as well.”

That enthusiasm extends to teaching. “I have had great teachers, especially my PhD supervisor and the pathologists who trained me,” he says. “My hope is that I can be a great teacher for someone else along the way.”

The profile of Dr. Conrad can be found on pages 16, 17, and 30 of both the print and online edition of doctorsNS.