Christine ChambersPhD, RPsych

Division of Gastroenterology, Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Children's Pain


Phone: 902-470-7706 (lab)
Fax: 902-470-7118
Mailing Address: 
Centre for Pediatric Pain Research (West; K8536)
IWK Health Centre
PO Box 9700
5850-5980 University Ave.
Halifax, NS B3K 6R8
Research Topics:
  • Pain
  • Children, Parents, and Families
  • Implementation Science
  • Knowledge Translation
  • Social Media
  • Health psychology
  • Clinical psychology

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  • BSc (Dalhousie)
  • MA (UBC)
  • PhD (UBC)

Research interests

Dr. Christine Chambers is a clinical psychologist and Professor. Her research, based in the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research (IWK Health Centre), examines developmental, psychological, and social influences on children’s pain, with a focus on the role of families in pediatric pain, patient engagement, and partnerships for knowledge mobilization. Her work spans knowledge generation (e.g., original studies), knowledge synthesis (e.g., systematic review, guidelines), and knowledge translation (e.g., policy, public outreach).

Selected publications

  • Chambers, C.T. (2018). From evidence to influence: Dissemination and implementation of scientific knowledge for improved pain research and management. PAIN, 159, S56-64.
  • Higgins, K.S., Tutelman, P.R., Chambers, C.T., Witteman, H.O., Barwick, M., Corkum, P., Grant, D., Stinson, J.N., Lalloo, C., Robins, S., Orji, R., & Jordan, I. (2018). Availability of researcher-led eHealth tools for pain assessment and management: barriers, facilitators, costs, and design. PAIN Reports, 3, e686.
  • Tutelman, PR. Chambers, C.T., Stinson, J., Parker, J.A., Fernandez, C., Witteman, H., Nathan, P., Barwick, M., Campbell, F., Jibb, L., & Irwin, K. (2017). Pain in children with cancer: Prevalence, characteristics, and parent management. Clinical Journal of Pain.
  • Boerner, K.E., Eccleston, C., Chambers, C.T., Keogh, E. (2017). Sex differences in the efficacy of psychological therapies for the management of chronic and recurrent pain in children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Pain, 158(4), 569-82.
  • Birnie, K.A., Parker, J.A., & Chambers, C.T. (2016). Relevance of water temperature, apparatus, and age to children’s pain during the cold pressor task. Pain Practice, 16(1), 46-56.
  • Caes, L., Boerner, K.E., Chambers, C.T., Campbell-Yeo, M., Stinson, J., Birnie, K., Parker, J.A., Huguet, A., Jordan, A., Chorney, J., Schinkel, M., & Dol, J. (2016). A comprehensive bibliometric analysis of published research articles on pediatric pain from 1975-2010. Pain, 157(2): 302-13.
  • Higgins, K.S., Birnie, K.A., Chambers, C.T., Wilson, A.C., Caes, L., Clark, A.J., Lynch, M., Stinson, J., & Campbell-Yeo, M. (2015). Offspring of parents with chronic pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis of pain, health, psychological, and family outcomes. Pain, 156(11), 2256-66.
  • Birnie, K.A., Noel, M., Parker, J.A., Chambers, C.T., Uman, L.S., Kisely, S.R., & McGrath, P.J. (2014). Systematic review and meta-analysis: Distraction and hypnosis for needle-related pain and distress in children and adolescents. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 39(8), 783-808
  • Boerner, K.E., Birnie, K.A., Caes, L., Schinkel, M., & Chambers, C.T. (2014). Sex differences in experimental pain among healthy children: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Pain, 155, 983-993.
  • Uman, L.S., Birnie, K.A., Noel, M., Parker, J.A., Chambers, C.T., McGrath, P.J., & Kisely, S.R. (2013). Psychological interventions for needle-related procedural pain and distress in children and adolescents. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 10.
  • Birnie, K.A., Petter, M., Boerner, K.E., Noel, M., & Chambers, C.T. (2012). Contemporary use of the cold pressor task in pediatric pain research: A systematic review of methods. The Journal of Pain, 13, 817-826.
  • Chambers, C.T., Craig, K.D., & Bennett, S.M. (2002). The impact of maternal behavior on children’s pain experiences: An experimental analysis. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 27, 293-301.

Selected awards and honours

  • Patients First Award for Excellence and Innovation in Patient-Centred Care, Merck Canada (2018)
  • President’s Excellence in Research Award, Research Impact, Dalhousie University (2018)
  • Outstanding Pain Mentorship Award, Canadian Pain Society (2018)
  • Leadership Award (Individual), Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (2017)
  • Research Award, IWK Health Centre (2016)
  • Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision, Dalhousie University (2016)
  • Faculty of Science Killam Professorship (2016-2021)
  • Jeffrey Lawson Award for Advocacy in Children’s Pain Relief, American Pain Society (2016)
  • Royal Society of Canada, College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists (2015)
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute Community Support Program – Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health Talks Video Competition, Specially commended prize (2015)
  • The Mayday Fund, Mayday Pain and Society Fellow: A Media and Policy Initiative (2012-13)
  • Canadian Progress Club Halifax Cornwallis Women of Excellence Award in Education and Research (2012)
  • One of the Top 11 Women Professors from CPA-Accredited Clinical Psychology Programs [source: Carleton, R.N., Parkerson, H.A., & Horswill, S.C. (2012). Assessing the publication productivity of clinical psychology professors in CPA-accredited Canadian psychology departments. Canadian Psychology/Psychologie Canadienne, 53, 226-237.]


  • American Pain Society (APS)
  • Division 54 APA, Society of Pediatric Psychology (SPP)
  • Canadian Pain Society (CPS)
  • Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)
  • International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)


  • Advanced Clinical Intervention: Child (PSYO 6301/6221)
  • Health Psychology (PSYO 3225)

Selected service and activity

  • Advisory and Selection Committee, Mayday Fellowship
  • Member, (2017 January–Present)
  • Assistant Director, North American Pain School (NAPS; 2016–Present)
  • Chair, Scientific Program Committee, Annual Meeting of the Canadian Pain Society (2016–Present)
  • Member, Editorial Board, Canadian Journal of Pain (2016–Present)
  • Associate Editor, PAIN (2014-2018)
  • Member (elected), Council, Special Interest Group on Pain in Childhood, International Association for the Study of Pain (2014-2019)
  • Member, International Committee, Society of Pediatric Psychology (Division 54), American Psychological Association (2013-present)
  • Chair, Awards Committee, and member of the Executive Committee, Canadian Pain Society (2010-present)
  • Member, Help ELiminate Pain in KIDS (HELPinKIDS). Team led by Dr. Anna Taddio, University of Toronto (goal of this group is to improve knowledge translation in the area of immunization pain management in children, 2008-present)