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Course Listing

A wide range of study

Our broad spectrum of physiology courses will provide you with the background you need to take your medical education further. Courses include:

PHYL 1000X/Y.06 Human Physiology (distance education)
PHYL 1010X/Y.06 Human Physiology
DENT 1119.03 Physiology for Dentistry Students
PHYL 1400.06 Human Physiology for Pharmacy Students
PHYL 2041.03 Human Neurophysiology
PHYL 2044.03 Human Systems Physiology
PHYL 2570.03 Cellular Neurophysiology
PHYL 3120.03 Exercise Physiology in Health & Disease
PHYL 3320.03 Human Cell Physiology
PHYL 3420.03 Sensory Physiology
PHYL 3520.03 Core Concepts in Medical Physiology
PHYL 3600 Directed Project in Physiology
PHYL 3620.03 Human Physiology Laboratory
PHYL 4000.03 Current Advances in Synaptic Function & Plasticity
PHYL 4324.03 Endocrine Physiology
PHYL 4504.03 Respiratory Physiology
PHYL 4680.03 Cardiovascular Physiology

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