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Global Psychiatry

Healthier minds across the globe

We are a collective of health providers, administrators, individuals, researchers and community members working together in Dalhousie’s Department of Psychiatry to promote mental health across the globe. We work in partnership with governments, as well as local, national, regional and international organizations and institutions to develop and implement practical, innovative solutions to assist low-resource communities at home and abroad to achieve the following objectives:

1. Reduce the burden of mental disorders
2. Promote the mental health of individuals, families and communities
3. Promote and protect the human and civil rights of the mentally ill
4. Provide equitable access to quality, evidence-based mental health care
5. Provide a continuum of integrated mental health services

Contact us

Name Email Title
Dr. Sonia Chehil sonia.chehil@gmail.ca Director, Global Psychiatry
Ms. Sandra Hennigar sandra.hennigar@nshealth.ca Special Projects, Global Psychiatry