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Psychiatry Debates

What are the debates?

The Dalhousie Psychiatry Debates are an ongoing series of debates that occur bi-annually as part of the department-wide grand rounds. They feature two teams of two presenters (typically one staff psychiatrist and one resident per team) engaging in a structured debate on controversial “big picture” topics related to psychiatric practice.

Why debate?

Currently, the primary department-wide academic activities in most psychiatry departments are lectures. Open discussion, particularly on more controversial topics in psychiatry, is often lacking. To fulfill this need and to create a more interactive educational experience at Dalhousie University, we decided to modify the format of grand rounds. The debates have resulted in very high engagement at Dalhousie and are very well attended education sessions in our department. An added benefit of this particular debate format (one resident and one staff psychiatrist per team) is that it creates mentorship opportunities within the department.   

How do I learn more about the debates?

Visit the Dalhousie Psychiatry Debates blogsite for further information, video clips and other resources related to the debates.