Evaluation of a Mental Health Physician Support Program in Nova Scotia: Impact on Patient Outcomes and Stigmatization

Advanced mental health training

A study is currently being conducted to examine the impact of an advanced mental health training program for family physicians in a series of patients whose physicians may or may not have been involved in the training. Your physician has identified you as a potential participant in this study.

For your ease and convenience, you can click on the links below to access the assessment scales. These scales have been developed so they can be completed by you (self-report assessment scales), which will give you a chance to look at the questions before our research coordinator contacts you by phone. She will explain the study, and if you agree to participate, will go through each question with you to collect your answers. Listed here are the assessment scales:

1. Patient Health Questionnaire- 9 (PHQ-9) [PDF-37KB]
2. Lam Employment and Productivity Scale (LEAP) [PDF-13KB]
3. Sheehan Disability Scale (SDS) [PDF-22KB]
4. Client Service Receipt Inventory (CSRI) [PDF-66KB]
5. Short Form-36 (SF-36) [PDF-188KB]
6. Client Satisfaction Inventory (CSI) [PDF-114KB]
7. Consent form [PDF-159KB]

For more information contact the research team [PDF-21KB]