Michael (Mike) Kucharczyk

Assistant Professor

Mike Kucharczyk

Email: bessie.duplissea@nshealth.ca
Phone: 902-473-6405
Fax: 902-473-7205
Mailing Address: 
Department of Radiation Oncology
Dalhousie University
Rm 2200, Main Floor, NSCC
5820 University Avenue
Halifax, B3H 1V7

Clinical sites

Breast, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary malignancies


  • Co-op HBSc (Biochemistry) – McMaster University
  • MB BCh BAO (Medicine) – University College Cork
  • MPH (Epidemiology) – Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 
  • FRCPC DABR (Radiation Oncology) – McMaster University
  • Fellowship (Thoracic Brachytherapy) – McMaster University
  • Fellowship (Genitourinary) – McGill University

Research interests

• Prostate cancer
• Oligometastatic disease – Metastasis-directed therapy; Patient selection
• Novel therapies
• Clinical Trials
• Radiomics – Biomarkers; Program Development
• Treatment delivery – Image guidance; Spacers

Academic interests

• Brachytherapy
• Breast & Gastrointestinal malignancies
• Immunotherapy
• Radiation Sensitisation
• Stereotactic Radiotherapy

Recent publications

  • Kucharczyk MJ, Bang A, Tjong MC, Papatheodoru S, and Fabregas JC. (2022) Effectiveness of radiotherapy for local control in T3N0 rectal cancer managed with total mesorectal excision: a meta-analysis. Oncotarget, 13: 1109-19.
  • Chaddad, A*, Kucharczyk, M.J*, Cheddad, A, Clarke, S.E, Hassan, L, Ding, S, Rathore, S, Zhang, M, Katib, Y, Bahoric, B, et al. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based Radiomic Models of Prostate Cancer: A Narrative Review. Cancers  2021, 13, 552. *equal contribution to the work
  • Chaddad A, Kucharczyk MJ, Katib Y, Rathore S, Sargos P, and Niazi T. (2020) Deep radiomic analysis to predict the Gleason score in prostate cancer. IEEE Access. Vol 8.     
  • Kucharczyk MJ, So J, Gravis G, Sweeney C, Saad F, and Niazi T. (2020) A combined biological and clinical rationale for implementing metastasis directed therapy in the management of oligometastatic prostate cancer: a synthesis of the evidence. Radiotherapy and Oncology. Vol 152: 80-8.
  • Kucharczyk MJ,  Tsui J, Khosrow-Khavar F, Bahoric B, Souhami L, Anidjar M, Probst S, Chaddad A, Sargos P and Niazi T. Combined Long-Term Androgen Deprivation and Pelvic Radiotherapy in the Post-operative Management of Pathologically Defined High-Risk Prostate Cancer Patients: Results of the Prospective Phase II McGill 0913 Study. Frontiers in Oncology Vol 10, March 2020. 
  • Ghashghaei M, Kucharczyk MJ, Elakshar S, Muanza T*, and Niazi T*. Intensifying radiotherapy with novel androgen receptor inhibitors: a review of the current upcoming clinical evidence. Current Oncology
  • Chaddad A, Kucharczyk MJ, Daniel P, Sabri S, Niazi T, and Abdulkarim B. (2019) Radiomics in glioblastoma: current status and challenges facing clinical implementation. Frontiers in Oncology. Vol 9 (374).

Other interests  

  • Resident Education & Mentorship
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Travel