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Dr. Rebecca Dobson

Career highlights

Awards and degrees

Anatomy Prize Medical School 1974
MD 1978
FRCPC – Diagnostic Radiology 1985
American Board - Radiology 1986

Work experience

July – November 1980 General Practice (Anesthesia)
Inuvik, NWT Canada

July 1986 – June 1987 Staff Radiologist
Edmonton General Hospital
Edmonton Alberta

June 1987 – Present Staff Radiologist
Cardiac/Abdominal Imaging
QEII Health Science Centre
Halifax, N.S.


1987 Lecturer Department of Radiology
Dalhousie University

1991 Assistant Professor Dept of Radiology
Dalhousie University

2006 Section Head Cardiac Imaging
Department of Diagnostic Imaging

2012 Associate Professor Dept of Radiology
Department of Diagnostic Imaging

Professional status and membership

Medical Council of Canada (Licentiate #46770)
National Board of Medical Examiners (U.S. #297749)
Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada (#328391)
Canadian Medical Association
Provincial Medical Board of Nova Scotia
Canadian Association of Radiologists
Radiological Society of North America
American Roentgen Ray Society
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society
American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
Nova Scotia Association of Radiologists
Doctors Nova Scotia


1989-92 VGH Medical Staff Executive (Secretary)
1989-92 Medical Advisory Committee (Member)
2000-2006 Doctors NS Fee and Tariff Committee
2001-03 Clinical Utilization Committee QEIIHSC
1999-06 Chair Finance Committee AIC INC
1999-06 Member of Executive AIC INC
2007- 2011 Admissions Committee Dalhousie Medical School
2010- Resident Training Committee
2010- District Radiology Clinical Affairs Committee
2010- Undergraduate Medicine coordinator for electives
2010- Executive Director AIC

Papers and presentations

“Chlamydia Pneumonia in the Adult: A Radiologic Review” Atlantic Provinces Scientific Meeting October 1983 and awarded Du Pont Prize for best resident paper. Also presented at the CAR meeting in Vancouver, 1984

“Advances in Pelvic Imaging” Presented at University of Nairobi, Kenya to Joint Meeting of Canadian Kenyan OB/Gyn Societies, Feb 1990

“Transvaginal Ultrasound” Presented at Annual Meeting of the NS Society of Diagnostic Sonographers Sept 1990

“Transvaginal Ultrasound” Presented at Introductory Doppler Ultrasound Seminar
April 1991

“Ultrasound Artifacts” Presented at Radiology Residents Physics Review Course

“Ultrasonography” as part of minisymposium Thromboembolic Disease 1994. Atlantic Provinces radiologists Scientific Meeting

“Gynecologic Ultrasound” presented at Abdominal Imaging Course, Department of Radiology, Dalhousie University May 1995 and at NS Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, September 1995

“Ultrasound in Emergency Gynecology” presented 1996 Emergency Imaging Course, Department of Radiology, Dalhousie University and at NS Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, 1996

Clinical Audit of Ultrasound in the Investigation of Ectopic Pregnancy, presented at RA Park Scientific Session, April 1996

“Basic Chest Radiology” presented at 81st Dalhousie Refresher Course, Nov 2007

“Basic Chest Radiology” CME booked for Liverpool, NS Sept 2011


Dobson RL , Johnson MA, Henning RC, Brown NE: “Ultrasound of the Gallbladder and Biliary Tree in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis” JCAR 39:257-259, 1988

Al-Shanafey S, Dodds L, Langille D, Ali I, Henteleff H, Dobson RL: “Nodal vessels disease as a risk factor for atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass surgery” Eur J Cardiothorac Surg 19:821-826, 2001

Campbell S, Dobson R: “Hematometra – an unusual cause of suprapubic pain in an adult” Israeli J of Emerg Med 2005;5(3):13-17


1988-9 “Correlation of LV Volumes” departmental Unfunded

“Eminase Trial” Drug trial antithrombolytic Funded

1989-90 “TIMI III A Trial” Funded
a) Process of lab accreditation
b) Film interpretation and quality control of angios
National Institute of Health $7989.50

“LV Aneurysm” Resident Research Project Unfunded

1990-1 “TIMI III B Trial” (Coinvestigator) Funded
National Institute of Health

“MIBI/Thallium Trial” (Advisor on Angiography) Funded
Squibb Diagnostics Canada $37,000

1990-1 “Transvaginal Ultrasound in Early Carcinoma of Cervix” Funded
Project in conjunction with Dr. L. Moore, Dr. J Macneil and the
Dept of Gyn
Radiology Research Fund

1991 “Gusto Trial” (Co-investigator) Funded
National Institute of Health

1992 “Comparison of PLOSA Low Stress Angioplasty and Conventional
Balloon Angioplasty” Funded
Title,L, O’Neill B, Dobson RL

“Post PTCA Doppler of Femoral Artery” Funded
Project with Dr. K. O’Brien
Radiology Research Foundation

1993 “Evaluation of Kodak 35mm CINE FILM” Funded
Miller R, Lo C, Dobson R, MacPhee D, Daniels C

1994 Clinical Audit on “Ultrasound of Suspected Ectopic Pregnancy”
2004-5 Angiographic Interpretation support for nuclear medicine projects
correlating catheterization data and nuclear imaging results
Dr. D Barnes



1) Weekly small group sessions with senior medical students on cardiac imaging
2) Med 1 Cardiac and Respirology Radiology Correlation Sessions
3) Update of Med IV CV Teaching Packets 1992
4) Elective Students 1995, 1996, 2000, and 2004 and ongoing
5) Lecture/tutorial Med III GI Imaging October 1996
6) Tutor: Dalhousie Medical School 2005-2011
Med II Blood , Gland and Skin 2005-7 (3 month blocks)
Med I Metabolism and Function 2008 and 2009 (10 week blocks)
Med II Respirology 2010 (6 weeks)
Med II GGM 2011 (6 weeks)
7) Undergraduate coordinator for medical student electives in radiology 2010-present
8) Talk on chest radiology to MedII students organized by a group interested in emergency medicine October 2010
9) Interviewer in the MMI system for Dalhousie Medical school since 2009


Radiology Residents
Supervision and contributions to cardiac rotation and diadactic cardiac teaching
Direct one on one teaching during their cardiac imaging rotation
Mock oral examinations
Cardiology Residents
Regular teaching rounds on cardiac imaging
Supervision during one month cardiac imaging rotation
Cardiovascular Surgery Residents
Supervision during one month cardiac imaging rotation
Internal Medical Residents
Eight hour course on Basic Chest Radiology provided to senior residents prior to
their oral exams 1992-2007
Annual session to Internal Medical residents on basic chest radiology since 2009 during their academic half day teaching

Radiology/ Community/Other

Lectures to Halifax Ultrasonographers Group 1989-90 on
Echo, Doppler US in renal transplantation, endovaginal US
Lecture “Ultrasound from the Neck Down” radiology techs May 1991
Cardiac radiology 2 week sessions for NB radiologists prior to the opening of
their cardiac cath lab 1992
Echocardiography Pulsed and Colour Doppler Refresher Course
CAR Meeting 1992
Lunch and Learn Ultrasound Review Cases for US technologists 1991-1998
Two hour teaching sessions with student nurses during their cath lab rotation
2009 to present
Basic cardiac imaging session for cardiac nurse practitioners QEII 2008 and ongoing