Clinical Faculty Engagement

Improving the workplace for clinical faculty

Understanding the workplace perceptions of faculty and staff at Dalhousie has been a longtime priority for the University. Knowing what the positive aspects are, and the negatives, of working at Dalhousie allows our administration to continually find ways to improve faculty and staffs' satisfaction and engagement levels. 

This survey was developed specifically for clinical faculty, a distributed group that was not always reached by Dalhousie University's general workplace survey.

Survey purpose and administration

Dalhousie Medical School's clinical faculty engagement survey gives a baseline measurement of clinical faculty workplace perceptions and identifies the facets of clinical faculty experience that relate to engagement. The survey was designed to provide direction for improving programs and policies that affect clinical faculty and what resources are needed to better support this group.

The survey was anonymous, collecting workplace data from 366 clinical faculty. The highlights of the 2013 survey are available to faculty and staff. The full survey report [PDF - 729 kB] with more detailed results is also available.