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Ms. Angela MacDonald

Professionalism Awards Nomination

Submitted by Linda Mosher on behalf of Frank MacLean, Sandra Witherbee, Jacquie Thillaye and  Wanda White

We would like to recommend Angela MacDonald, Clinical Education Co-ordinator in the Undergraduate Medical Education Office for kudos for her outstanding professionalism.
We have had the pleasure of working with Angela for the past several years, during which time she has always demonstrated a very high level of professionalism.  She has an in depth understanding of how the clinical education in the undergraduate program works and how the components are inter-related.  Most importantly, she understands that decisions made at UGME affect the LRC (and other departments) and is very respectful of the staff at the LRC and our program planning needs. She frequently calls to consult us before making a decision and is very careful to inform us of ongoing discussions which affect us.  She listens to our input and acts on it, but always in a fair and reasonable manner.

Angela is always “on top of the job”.  She is typically one step ahead of where we are and thinks of things that affect us before we have thought of them.  She responds to emails and phone messages in a prompt and respectful manner.  She displays a sense of fairness with the students and tries very hard to accommodate their many scheduling requests. 

We have had the opportunity to work with others in the same or similar positions when Angela has been reassigned or on maternity leave and we all agree that things are not the same when Angela is not there.  No one else has the same grasp on the programming and the ability to “make it happen” in the best possible manner for all concerned. 

It is for these reasons that we think that Angela is an outstanding employee and want to nominate her for Kudos from the Professionalism Committee.