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Brenda Armstrong

Professionalism Awards Nomination

We would be honoured to submit professionalism kudos to Brenda Armstrong, Administrative Assistant, Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Human Body Donation Program.

For more than 25 years Brenda has been dealing with donors, families and extended families, funeral directors, ministers and organizing yearly memorial and interment services. Families are sometimes faced with controversy in decision making about their loved one. Brenda's communication with them always make their journey a little less painful. She is respected by all those who come in contact with her, this also includes our student body, faculty, clinicians, technical staff and the Provincial Inspectors of Anatomy and staff (NS, PEI, NB) - all a part of the Dalhousie human body donation program.

She meets with or has telephone contact with new donors, donors families on a daily basis. Her telephone is always busy. She is noted for having compassion and the utmost respect for those families who have lost their loved ones and those wishing to gift their bodies to medical science.

Brenda coordinates all of this with a smiling face and goes beyond professional expectations.

Catherine Currell and Dr. William Baldridge