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Dr. David Byers

Professionalism Awards Nomination

I don't normally respond to requests for nominations but in this instance I felt compelled to do so. I would like to nominate Dr. David Byers, Head, Department of Biochemistry and Chair of the Foundations Unit.
David Byers, I believe, embodies the attributes you are seeking in recipients of the award. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with him on two committees related to curriculum renewal and development, the Scientific Basis of Medicine and the Foundations Unit. As someone new to Saint John NB, the Maritimes and the Dalhousie Medical School and needing to participate on those committees from a distance I was uncertain about how well it would work. I have to say I felt very welcomed by David and was included in all aspects of the work of those committees even when the telecommunication systems weren't working very well and when I didn't know anyone or even have a mental picture of who I was communicating with. David has that rare combination of personality and ability that reaches out across the phone lines, there is warmth, humour, efficiency, commitment and the ability to gather information from multiple sources and individuals and to synthesize it into a cohesive whole that helped us together as groups get further faster and better and to meet the very constrained timelines we were working under. I am so glad to have had that as my first experience at Dalhousie and to have him now as a colleague.



Sherry A.M. Taylor, PhD, FCCMG
Head, Division of Molecular Diagnostics
Dept. Laboratory Medicine, Saint John Regional Hospital
Horizon Health Network
Associate Professor, Pathology