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Dr. Gerald Brosky

Professionalism Awards Nomination

Dr. Brosky resumed the duties of my clinical skills tutor for the winter 2011 semester during which time he has embodied all aspects of professionalism. He always ensures he is well prepared for each tutorial session, invariably having reviewed our resource material and assembled relevant summaries or supplemental information for our benefit. He remains thoroughly engaged throughout the entire session, offering support when necessary, while not disrupting the flow of the examination. Furthermore, Dr. Brosky’s respect and compassion for our patients is reflected in his exemplary bedside manner. Patient comfort and dignity are perpetually held to stringent standards. He is adamant that our volunteer patients remain involved in our training as individuals, not solely tools for our learning. This man consistently fosters a healthy environment for education. His commitment to teaching, and devotion to his trade are admirable. He is a shining example and an inspiration towards professionalism.

Peter M Reardon, BSc
MD Candidate, Class of 2014
Dalhousie Medical School