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Dr. Gordon Gubitz

Professionalism Awards Nomination

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Dr. Gordon Gubitz of the Division of Neurology for a Faculty of Medicine Professionalism Award.

Over nearly twenty years, I have had the privilege of watching Dr. Gubitz mature from being an enthusiastic and highly capable resident into a respected clinician, teacher, researcher and colleague. As a Neurologist specializing in the management of stroke, Dr. Gubitz is often called upon to care for patients who have experienced a sudden, unexpected and potentially life-changing medical crisis. His response and actions are unfailingly consistent and epitomize professionalism - unshakable good humor and dedication to the task at hand, knowledge and clinical acumen exercised with a generous dose of humanity, thoughtful leadership and collegiality, advice and support freely given, genuine humility. Above all, he understands that the practice of medicine is not about doctors, bed allocations or money but about patients and their families.

I hope you will see fit to honor him with an award.


Graham Bullock
Associate Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine