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Greg Kutney

Professionalism Awards Nomination

Greg Kutney, currently a 4th year medical student, is one of the most humble, reliable people my classmates and I have had the privilege of knowing. Greg consistently prioritizes his time so that his family and community come first. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be a tremendous asset to any community he chooses to settle down in.
To further elaborate on Greg's professionalism I direct the committee to the following articles:
I'd like to point out that Greg recently received a very prestigious Lifesaving Award. However, not many people know about this because that's the type of person Greg is. All of this happens to come through his volunteer work as a firefighter, in addition to his gruelling commitments as a senior medical student, an avid outdoorsman and backyard mechanic. In spite of his commitments, you get the same reliable, professional and energetic person each and every day on the wards. Because I know Greg would never ask for such recognition, I feel obliged to request this for him. Greg Kutney embodies all of the characteristics of professionalism and he is more than deserving of this Kudos!
Mike MacDonald
President, Class of 2014