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Greg McNutt

Professionalism Awards Nomination

I would like to nominate Greg McNutt, Building Services Manager, Faculty of
Medicine for a Professionalism Award.

Greg manages all building-related activities in the Tupper/CRC Complex and coordinates building-related activities between the Faculty of Medicine and Facilities Management. Although his position is administrative in nature, Greg demonstrates the utmost in dedication, diligence and commitment to the welfare of all the occupants of the Tupper/CRC.

As Building Services Manager, Greg is required to handle complex and difficult building-related situations which involve faculty, staff and students. During the 6 years I have known Greg, I have seen him resolve these conflicts and other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. Although he is acting on behalf of the University, he treats each individual with compassion and respect regardless of his/her position within the organization. His caring and thoughtful manner is at the forefront of all his interactions with faculty, staff and students.

His role as Safety Officer for the Faculty of Medicine is one that Greg takes very seriously. In conjunction with the University Safety Office and the Office of Sustainability, Greg has been instrumental in expanding and enhancing the laboratory inspection program throughout the 15 floors of the Tupper Building. Most importantly, he is an advocate for faculty, staff and students when environmental or safety concerns arise throughout the Tupper/CRC as a result of daily operations or renovations/construction. During these difficult situations, Greg has dealt with concerned faculty, staff and students in a professional and respectful manner. His first priority in these situations is the safety of the individual. His proactive approach to safety issues has led to a number of infrastructure and process improvements. For example, significant improvements to security infrastructure are now underway and are the direct result of Greg's involvement and stewardship.

Greg has been successful in building a collaborative relationship between the Faculty of Medicine and Facilities Management. Greg spearheaded a recognition program that brings together tradespersons from Facilities Management with researchers upon the completion of a lab renovation or construction. As a result of these recognition events, tradepersons see the direct connection between their work and the work of the researcher. This interaction helps to build a relationship of trust and respect between these groups.

Throughout his career at Dalhousie University, Greg has served on a number of University and Faculty level committees. He currently serves on the University Safety and Environmental Hazards Committee and is seen as a leader in this area at the University.

Greg McNutt truly is deserving of the Professionalism Award. Throughout his career at the University and the Faculty of Medicine, he has positively impacted those around him. As you can see from the information provided, his many contributions are central to the Faculty of Medicine's ability to meet its mission and goals.

Thank you
Anne Weeden