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Dr. Mark Inman and Dr. Tara Chobutuk (co‑nominees)

Professionalism Awards Nomination

On behalf of our entire pediatrics resident group (25 residents), we would like to nominate the past co-chief residents of our pediatrics program for this 'kudos'. Their names are:

Mark Inman, PGY3, Pediatrics
Tara Chobotuk, PGY4, Pediatrics

We had e-mailed the nomination suggestion for this award to our entire resident group a few weeks ago and had a positive response from over 1/2 of the residents, which is why we are making the nomination on behalf of the entire group.

Reason for this nomination:
Over the past year (2011-2012), Mark Inman and Tara Chobotuk have exhibited an exemplary display of professionalism in their role as co-chief residents of the Dalhousie Pediatrics Residency program. They fulfilled their duties with an unwavering positive attitude and always communicated in a fair, collegial, and transparent manner to the resident group. Mark and Tara also demonstrated outstanding teamwork. They executed a seamless united approach to handling any problem, such that the resident group would always be left guessing which of the dynamic duo they had actually been corresponding with!

Thank you,

Dr. Laura Lewington and Dr. Mary Mc Henry
Pediatric Resident Co-Chiefs