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Dr. Janet Kawchuk

Professionalism Awards Nomination

When I read the email offering a chance to nominate a colleague for recognition of his/her qualities of professionalism, it took me less than 2 seconds to think of the person. Dr. Janet Kawchuk is someone who epitomizes everything on the list provided.

Janet has worked at the IWK Developmental Clinic since 1994, and was also a community based general pediatrician until 2005. She is an assistant professor at Dalhousie and is in charge of the pediatric resident rotations in developmental pediatrics. Janet goes about her business quietly, and doesn't try to be the focus of attention, which is why I really appreciate this chance to give her the credit she deserves.

Why Janet? She is kind, ethical, and responsible. She is a pleasure to work with, as she does her share of work and more. She is never one to do the minimum. Janet has always aimed to keep her life in balance with part-time work, and does as much in her 0.6 FTE as others do working much bigger increments. She is efficient, evidence based, and honest in all her work. She is ethical in her interactions with families and colleagues.

Janet, more than any specialist I know, always thinks about working with other care providers, such as community pediatrician and family physicians, and care providers from other disciplines. She is a true team player.

I trust Janet's opinion - always. It is a privilege to have a colleague that I trust so profoundly. Janet provides a sounding board. I can vent/unload/question/bounce an idea and know that if I ask for confidentiality, the information shared, whether personal or professional, will never be repeated. I know also that the opinion she provides will never be based on her personal interests, but on the common good.

Janet cares a great deal about the quality of her work. She keeps abreast of evidence and is not complacent in her practice. She also cares very much about the children and youth with developmental disorders that are the focus of her work, and about the well-being of their families. She remains committed to changing systems where needed, even when it is a frustrating experience.

I also value Janet's plain old humanity. She is a good person and she knows when to laugh, when to cry, when to shut the door to cool off, and when to open it .


Dr. Sarah Shea, MD,FRCPC