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Dr. Jennifer Hall

Professionalism Awards Nomination

I would like to nominate Dr. Jennifer Hall for a Professionalism award. I have known Jennifer for over 10 years and can think of no one who better exemplifies professionalism and fairness within her career. Her most recent posting as program director for the family medicine residency training programme really allowed showcasing of her ability to maintain a steady, consistent face of professionalism even in difficult situations. She believes in balance and performs her duties with integrity: to me she has been very consistent with her approach to handling difficult situations and has served as a role model for me in my career.

One thing that strikes me about Jennifer's demeanour is that she tries to instill the concept of what it means to be a professional (it seems that with changing times, the physician and indeed family physicians are viewing their career more and more as a 'job') in all her interactions. She has a strong sense of duty both to her patients and to her learners (and this is obvious through all the sites involved).



Keith W Wilson, BA MD PhD CCFP
Assistant Professor, Family Medicine
Dalhousie University