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Jordan Kavanaugh

Professionalism Awards Nomination

It is my pleasure to nominate Jordan Kavanaugh, Radiology PGY-3, for Professionalism Kudos.

Radiology is a difficult subject to teach, not only because of the vastness of the subject material, but also because single disease entities look very different across the different imaging modalities, which students get very limited exposure to during medical school. Jordan has a background as a public school teacher and has a keen interest in medical education. Jordan voluntarily designed a 4-part introductory lecture series for medical students, which he delivered at the medical school. Each lecture was one hour and consisted of basic radiology concepts, which are case based and interactive. He designed the lectures in a complementary manner to the medical school curriculum and delivered the lectures himself. His sense of duty towards Dalhousie Medical School is completely unparalleled by any other Resident.

Furthermore, although radiology residents are extremely busy reading studies during the workday, Jordan takes the time to hold many impromptu view box teaching sessions with elective medical students who are rotating through radiology. He is an inspiring person to be around, and extremely encouraging. He is a paragon of courtesy and respect towards his colleagues, from fellow physicians and all other members of staff, to students and patients. Jordan demonstrates exemplary integrity in his academic life. Through our various collaborations, he carefully walked me through the processes of appropriate responsibility in radiological research and education. Moreover, he is committed to honest and plain communication in a professional realm that is often inscrutable to the the initiated.

In sum, Jordan is a role model for any young professional and I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a Professionalism Kudos.


Adam A. Dmytriw