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Dr. Jorin Lindensmith

Professionalism Awards Nomination

As the Site Chief for Internal Medicine at the Dartmouth General Hospital, I speak on behalf of my Internist colleagues that Dr Jorin Lindensmith is an excellent example of professionalism in this regard. Over the last number of years, she has worked (seemingly) tirelessly to improve Internal Medicine and ICU services at the DGH. She has organized and dealt with our admittedly quirky and (at times) demanding group of Internists with kind respect and integrity. Her colleagues, and the hospital/paramedical staff at DGH, appreciate her commitment to duty, and the many responsibilities she holds. The students and residents rotating through DGH experience an excellent role model, and her patients appreciate her compassion. I've seen more than one patient in Emerg over that last few years that tell me "Dr Lindensmith is my Internist - she's great". Sir William Osler advised physicians to "cultivate a strong sense of eqanimity". This even-tempered, and composed nature, is, I believe, a component of Professionalism. Dr Lindensmith personifies this quality, and we hope you would consider her nomination.

If you need more info, please let me know. Thanks for your consideration.

Steve Duke

Stephen M. Duke, MD, FRCPC
Site Chief, Internal Medicine,
Dartmouth General Hospital