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Dr. Karen Clarke

Professionalism Awards Nomination

I would like to nominate Dr Karen Clarke, Family Doctor at Dalhousie Family Medicine , Spryfield for a professional award. She is never ceasing in her exemplary professionalism to patients, colleagues and others she encounters in her day to day work at the medical clinic. She is patient with learners, always waiting to hear what they have to say and encouraging them to think on their own. She is never in a hurry, always has time for your questions and never makes you feel as if you have not done a good job. If there is more you should do then she encourages you to ask yourself if there is anything else to help the patient receive the best possible care. She is the best at who she is and always is approachable and interested in what you have to say. We all should endeavour to approach life in a more positive way and Dr Clarke is a wonderful example of this. Thanks .

Edna Revels, RN, CNeph(C)
Family Practice Nurse
Dalhousie Dept of Family Medicine Spryfield