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Ms. Lynn Power

Professionalism Awards Nomination

I would like to nominate Lynn Power, Director, Human Resources, Dean's Office, Faculty of Medicine.

Working in a strategic and sensitive area of faculty management, Lynn demonstrates a high level of professionalism in her work and interactions with others. She maintains confidentiality in all that she does, and works with individuals in manner that gains their comfort and trust. She is knowledgeable of the university HR policy context, but always conducts her work with compassion and respect for individuals. Through her words and actions, we see a person who treats people with honesty and fairness. Her recent work to launch the Faculty of Medicine?s 'Health at Work' initiative shows her commitment to the well-being of staff and faculty. Lynn is also the President of the DPMG Executive Committee, illustrating the professional respect she has gained from her colleagues across the institution.

Best Regards,



Diane Gorsky, MBA
Associate Dean, Operations & Policy