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Mr. Mike MacDonald

Professionalism Awards Nomination

I'd like to nominate Mike MacDonald for the professionalism recognition.

I immediately thought of Mike,our class president because I've been impressed by his work ethic, humility and determination to keep our class (as the first split campus) united regardless of difficulties that arose.

Mike has made huge efforts in the midst of a lot of responsibilities and not a lot of time to understand the difficulties of starting on a new campus and recognizing that everyone had to adjust how they'd worked to incorporate us. Mike has been active in helping the interest groups and upper year med students to include students in SJ. Aside from that he was very involved in Euphoria and I've just seen him step forward whenever he was needed. He's a great individual, thoughtful and hardworking and I think he deserves some recognition for all he's done this year :)


Mary Halpine