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Dr. Paul Charlebois

Professionalism Awards Nomination

I wanted to nominate a Clinician/Instructor/Faculty Member for a professionalism award. That person would be Dr. Paul Charlebois, a General Internist who also works with the Military here and abroad. I had the fortune of having Dr. Charlebois as my COPS tutor for the CV portion of CV/Resp as well as one brief morning as my tutor in Gen Med.

In both the classroom and the clinic Dr. Charlebois showed the utmost respect for myself and my colleagues as well as the patients we discussed. He pushed us to think analytically and take risks when answering questions, never giving us the answer but always correcting us if we were going down the wrong path. He often demonstrated an understanding for why we were thinking a certain way before teaching us a different (and more correct) approach to the problem. He always did this in a way that respected the varying levels of knowledge brought to the tutorial by my group members, and he encouraged everyone to participate regardless of their lack of expertise.

Before he left our group he also offered to meet with our group outside of tutorial if we should need it before our exam, on his own time outside of work, if we felt we needed more help. He did not have to do that, and there are not a lot of physicians out there that will offer their free time to teach on top of busy schedules and I believe Dr. Charlebois should be recognized for his efforts. His duty and responsibility to the next generation of physicians is remarkable and I hope he gets recognized as such.



Angela Giacomantonio
Med II