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Pauline Jones

Professionalism Awards Nomination

I would like to nominate Pauline Jones for recognition under this fine initiative.

Pauline has been an integral part of our activities in the medical school for quite a few years, in the key support area of ensuring safety in our research. She is perhaps best known for her work as Radiation Safety Officer for the University, and has more recently taken on the skills and processes that she developed to address the increasingly important area of biosafety.

Communicating and implementing regulations are tasks that are not often welcomed, and can lead to barriers or difficulties in getting research done. Pauline has fulfilled an exemplary role as a professional in working together with researchers to do things in the most effective and least intrusive way. She has shown great professionalism both in ensuring institutional safety and in the way that she has facilitated research by helping us to deal with the ever-changing regulations! Her success in these roles is seen most in the way that people willingly approach her for advice or welcome her input and advice.

Pauline's professionalism in her duties and as a colleague have greatly facilitated our research momentum in this medical school.

Jonathan Blay, PhD
Professor of Pharmacology, Pathology and Biology
Scientific Director, Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute
Faculty of Medicine