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Dr. Romesh Shukla

Professionalism Awards Nomination

Please accept this letter as a letter of nomination for consideration and recognition of Dr. Romesh Shukla for Professionalism Kudos. Dr. Shukla has been my departmental chief and mentor since I joined the Faculty in 1999.  I know Romesh well and feel I am qualified to submit this letter of nomination. I would like to take a few brief moments to highlight some of Romesh’s characteristics.

Dr. Shukla is well known at the IWK Health Centre, the wider medical and University community for his honesty, integrity and sense of duty.  Romesh is an exemplary example of professionalism in Medicine.  He demonstrates not only personal dignity but also dignity and respect for others.  He encourages open communication and is always willing to listen to another view or perspective.  This is whether the individual is a medical peer, allied health colleague, staff or patient or patient’s family.  He promotes individual thinking and is always respectful of personal boundaries and cultural differences.

Romesh demonstrates honesty and integrity in his personal life and in his professional capacities. He manages conflicts with open dialogue and when necessary communicates truthfully, this even when the conversations and the truth are difficult to tell. Over the years I have had many discussions with Dr. Shukla and he has always shown great compassion for others during difficult personal times. He listens, understands and responds with thoughtful heartfelt advice. Dr. Shukla is ethical beyond doubt.  He will acknowledge when there have been errors in judgment and thus shows by leadership what department members should do when faced with similar dilemmas.  

I would like to comment on Romesh’s sense of responsibility and duty: not only towards patients, to whom he provides the utmost care and professional conduct but also to our profession as a whole. Professionally, he has worked to improve the fairly demanding and often onerous manpower conditions that obstetric anesthesiologists work under at the IWK Health Centre.  He has facilitated staff recruitment, improved department members work-life balance and improved safety and nighttime working conditions through his vision of implementing the anesthesia assistant program. He ensures that all the workloads are distributed evenly amongst both junior and senior department members.  He has stood on numerous professional and standards committees including the Canadian Anesthesiologists Society to this end.

Lastly, I would like to mention duty in the context of clinical care.  In the 13 years I have known Dr. Shukla, Romesh has worked tirelessly to improve patient safety and clinical care. He has always been a telephone call away, whether to give advice or to come into the hospital to help out in the middle of the night when demanding clinical challenges occur. Sometimes, it has been not to offer clinical expertise but just to offer “moral support”.  Dr. Shukla has always encouraged colleagues to not be embarrassed to ask for help and that it is not demeaning to seek out a second opinion. Many babies would have grown up not knowing their Mother if it was not for Dr. Shukla’s expert care and help at “the head of the bed”.

In summary, Dr. Romesh Shukla is a consummate professional, a true gentleman and caring physician who embodies and promotes the culture of professionalism.  I hope that you will give this nomination your full consideration.  This recognition award could have been written specifically for Dr, Shukla and to this end I am sure that the committee will agree that there is not a more deserving individual.




Dolores McKeen, MD MSc FRCPC
Director of Research IWK Women's & Obstetric Anesthesia
Associate Professor Dalhousie University