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Dr. Simon Field

Professionalism Awards Nomination

I would like to forward Dr Simon Field as a candidate for this award.

More than anyone else I know, he demonstrates the qualities of
* Respect for others
* Honesty and Integrity
* Compassion and Empathy
* Duty and Responsibility
every single day, both on and off the floor of the emergency department.

He has an absolute work ethic, is always punctual and committed to everything he does. As a senior educator (Undergraduate director in emerg) he is totally committed to students; he knows their names and relevant social details, their strengths and weaknesses and makes a conscious effort to build on the former and mitigate the latter. He is firm and fair with every dealing with trainees at all levels and does not shy away from issues that might be difficult to deal with or time consuming. His attention to his duties and responsibilities is absolute and constant.
He is consistently polite and respectful of everyone he meets. Again, knowing the names of all staff and off service residents and dealing with each on an utterly professional level.
He is a very respected academic emergency physician. His clinical skills are excellent, yet he demonstrates the humility of one who understands the many contexts and limitations of clinical medicine. With patients, he is warm and compassionate and always goes the extra distance.
I cannot think of a more honorable and trustworthy colleague.

What more can I say? When I saw this email, it was clear that he is the ideal candidate for this award!


Samuel G Campbell

Chief, Department of Emergency Medicine
Charles V Keating Emergency and Trauma Centre
Queen Elizabeth II HSC, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Dalhousie University.