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Dr. Stephen Workman

Professionalism Awards Nomination  

I'd like to nominate Dr. Stephen Workman for the professionalism award. He displays a dedication to medical education both in terms of institutional change and one-on-one student interactions. He shows students what it means to be dedicated to medicine and the courage to think (and act) outside the box. He will take the time to discuss what a life in medicine means to students struggling to define how medicine fits into their life. These are all the essential aspects of developing a sense of professionalism in medical students. He doesn't merely encourage students to wear a tie and collared shirt but encourages them to see life through the perspective of a medical professional. He encourages us actually to act in the best interests of patients and not just what will impress our superiors or make our lives easy. He himself also walks the walk as he will do what he believes best for his patients and medicine in general despite the hardships he may face for doing so.

Tim Holland
Medical Student, Class of 2011
Atlantic Regional Representative,
Canadian Federation of Medical Students