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Susan Nasser

Professionalism Awards Nomination

I would like to bring attention to the work Susan Nasser is doing as the coordinator of the Health Mentors Program.

I marvel at how she brings it all together, and the commitment she has to all aspects of the Health Mentor program from going out after hours to recruit mentors and build relationships with the HM program and the community, to organizing interprofessional committee meetings as well as subcommittees in such areas as assessment, evaluation, research, all the while handling operational issues with all mentors students and supervisors throughout the year! One need only drop by her office where this past week, you will most likely find Susan either on the phone to a mentor, student or supervisor, amidst small piles of envelopes and letters for the over 600 students who will be orientated into the program this week at a number of different venues.

Above all, Susan understands the intricacies of interprofessional education and what it entails and is one of our key local champions and "guards" if you will of IPE as she genuinely believes and understands the value it will bring to our health care.

Hats off to Susan!

Peggy Alexiadis Brown, MA
Program Evaluation Specialist, DMNB
Division of Medical Education
Dalhousie University