Innovative thinkers and firsts in their field, they've made
an impact on DalMed and the nation. These are their stories.  

The Faculty of Medicine inspires health care through medical education. We inspire by highlighting the untold stories of 12 pioneers through a signature 150th initiative called the Dal Med Innovators.

Throughout 2018, we have celebrated 150 years of excellence in education, research and service in Maritime Canada. We have recognized our pioneers who’ve accomplished well-known and celebrated medical achievements that have revolutionized medicine to present day.  

This initiative has been an opportunity to honour and learn from our past while inspiring our promising future. It is also a chance to say “thank you" to the generations of scholars and leaders  who have inspired and challenged us. 

Visit our Dal Med Innovator profiles, or learn about Dalhousie Originals, a 200th initiative led by Dal Archives and a team of university volunteers, to introduce and celebrate Dal Originals throughout 2018.

Our Dal Med Innovators

Learn more about our Dal Med Innovators below:

Dr. Richard Goldbloom

As head of the Department of Pediatrics at Dalhousie Medical School and physician-in-chief at the IWK Health Centre, Dr. Richard Goldbloom transformed how children were cared for.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Richard Goldbloom

Dr. Nuala Kenny

A leader in the emerging field of bioethics, Dr. Nuala Kenny helped create Dalhousie Medical School's Department of Bioethics in 1996.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Nuala Kenny

Dr. Margaret Casey

A pioneer of community-based health care in Halifax, Dr. Casey served the North End Clinic (now the North End Community Health Centre) for 25 years. She was named a Member of the Order of Canada in 2004.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Margaret Casey


Dr. Joni Guptill

Driven to provide care in developing countries, Dr. Guptill has spent 29 years with Doctors Without Borders, first as a frontline worker and later as the head of MSF Canada.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Joni Guptill


Dr. Benge Atlee

Dalhousie's youngest-ever medical graduate at age 21, Dr. Atlee later became the first head of its Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Benge Atlee

Dr. Robert Johnson

In 1988, Dr. Johnson became the first Mi'kmaq person to receive a medical degree from Dal in 1988. Two years earlier, he received a National Aboriginal Achievement Award for his dedication to medicine, the highest First Nations honour in Canada.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Robert Johnson

Dr. Karen Mann

She held 25 different positions, re-designed the medical school's approach to training doctors and helped establish medical education as a field of scholarly endeavour.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Karen Mann

Dr. Alexander P. Reid

He was the first Dean of Medicine and played a key role in shaping curriciulum, faculty and convincing the powers-that-be of the importance of establishing a Halifax medical school.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Alexander P. Reid

Dr. Lea Steeves

Dalhousie hosts the Canadian Conference on Medical Education in April, making this month an ideal time to highlight Dr. Steeves' dedication to continuing professional development.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Lea Steeves

Dr. Chester Stewart

He was Dean of Medicine from 1954 to 1971, and transformed the Dalhousie Medical School into the modern institution we know today.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Chester Stewart

Dr. Chadwick Williams

At just 28 years old, Williams was one of the first African Nova Scotians to graduate from Dalhousie Medical School.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Chadwick Williams

Dr. Annie Hamilton

In 1894, Hamilton graduated from Dalhousie Medical School as a Doctor of Medicine and a Master of Surgery - the first woman to graduate from the school.

Dal Med Innovator Profile | Annie Hamilton