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Innovative thinkers and firsts in their field, they've made
an impact on DalMed and the nation. These are their stories.  

The Faculty of Medicine inspires health care through medical education. Soon, we will inspire by highlighting the untold stories of 12 pioneers through a signature 150th initiative called the Dal Med Innovators.

In 2018, we celebrate 150 years of excellence in education, research and service in Maritime Canada. We also recognize our pioneers who’ve accomplished well-known and celebrated medical achievements that have revolutionized medicine to present day.  

This initiative is an opportunity to honour and learn from our past while inspiring our promising future. It is also a chance to say “thank you" to the generations of scholars and leaders  who have inspired and challenged us. 

Visit back each month to view an updated DalMed Innovator profile, or learn about
Dalhousie Originals, a 200th initiative led by Dal Archives and a team of university volunteers, to introduce and celebrate Dal Originals throughout 2018.

DalMed Innovators

Join us in January to learn more about our DalMed Innovators.