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Upcoming Celebrations

We celebrate our sesquicentennial anniversary with a series of faculty and department events, lectures, and activities taking place in Halifax – both internally at Dalhousie and within our local community - in addition to satillite hosts within the Maritimes.

Next Event 

May 23-25
29th Annual Canadian Bioethics Society Conference
Presenters: Dr. Amy Bombay, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry (Dalhousie University) and Dr. Nadine Caron, Associate Professor, Department of Surgery (UBC), Co-Director, Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health

Hosted by the Department of Bioethics
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Upcoming Events

May 28
Pharmacology Signature Event
Lecture: Understanding the Heartbeat at the Nanoscale
Presenter: Dr. William Louch, Professor (University of Oslo)

Hosted by the Department of Pharmacology
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June 8
Medical Education Institute (MEI) - MedEd 150
Lecture: Medicine & Leadership in Medicine: 2030 and Beyond
Presenter: Dr. Preston Smith, former Dean of Medicine (University of Saskatchewan)

Lecture: The Times They Are Changing and so Must Our Approach to Leadership
Presenter: Dr. Susan Lieff, Professor (University of Toronto)

Hosted by Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
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June 8-10
Faculty Development Weekend
Keynote Speaker: Dr. C. Cervin
Lecture and Workshop: Remediation and Wellness: You and Your Resident

Hosted by the Department of Family Medicine
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June 14-15
Atlantic Radiotherapy Conference
Presenter: Dr. Catherine de Metz, Queens University

Hosted by the Department of Radiation Oncology
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June 20

Grand Rounds
Presenter: Dr. Alika Lafontaine, Anesthesiologist (Northern Alberta) and President, Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada

Hosted by the Department of Anesthesia
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September 19
University Rounds
Lecture: The future of psychiatry and mental health car
Presenter: Vicky Stergiopoulos, Physician-in-Chief (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

Hosted by the Department of Psychiatry
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October 18
Lecture: Molecular and Cellular Dynamics of Cardiac Arrhythmia
Presenter: Dr. Alvin Shrier, Professor (McGill University), Hosmer Chain in Psychology

Hosted by the Department of Physiology and Biophysics

HB Atlee Lecture

Hosted by the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology


Past Events 

March 22 | Biomedical Engineering

March 22, 2018
School of Biomedical Engineering Lecture
Presenter: Dr. Paul Santerre, Head of the Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto

Hosted by Biomedical Engineering

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March 23 | Wellness Week

March 23
Wellness Week
Lecture: The Road to Resilience - Staying Positive through Stressful Situations
Presenter: Jeremie Saunders, Sickboy Podcast

Hosted by the Dalhousie Medical Student's Society

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April 7 | Ophthalmology & Visual Services Research Day

April 7
2018 Research Day

Presenter: : Dr. Wallace (Lee) L. Alward, Professor and Vice Chair from Ophthalmology
(University of Iowa) & holder of Frederick C. Blodi Chair in Ophthalmology

Hosted by Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
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April 12-13 | Urology Research Day

April 12-13
Department of Urology Research Day
Presenter: Dr. Colin P. N. Dinney, Professor, Department of Urology (University of Texas)
Hosted by Urology


April 17 | Medical Neuroscience Signature 150 Event

April 17
Signature Med150 Lecture: Functional Connectivity of Cortical (Brain) Circuits
Presenter: Dr. Stuart Trenholm, Assistant Professor (Montreal Neurological Institute); Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery (McGill University)
Hosted by Medical Neuroscience


March 1 | Critical Care

May 1, 2018
150th Anniversary Grand Rounds Lecture
Lecture: Reducing Mortality in Sepsis: Dr. Mitchell Levy on the Surviving Sepsis Campaign
Presenter: Dr. Mitchell Levy, Professor of Medicine (Brown University)

Hosted by Critical Care  
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May 4 | Faculty of Medicine Graduate Student Society

May 4
Alumni Speaker Panel & Social Mixer
Graduate student panel

Hosted by the Faculty of Medicine Graduate Student Society (FMGSS)
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May 9 | Department of Radiology

May 9
Dr. J. E. Campbell Lecture in Radiology Research
Lecture: Quantitative MRI in Chronic Liver Disease: a Progress Report
Presenter: Dr. An Tang, Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Montreal

Hosted by the Department of Radiology
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May 14 | Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

May 14
Macpherson Seminar
Lecture: Discovery and development of Selonsertib, a first in class inhibitor of ASK1 for the treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
Presenter: Dr. David Breckenridge, Senior Director of Biology at Gilead Sciences Inc.

Lecture: Three short stories on survival in the age of CRISPR/Cas9
Presenter: Dr. David Edgell, Acting Chair of the Department of Biochemistry (Western University)

Hosted by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
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May 17 | Microbiology & Immunology, Medical Research Development Office and PREP

May 17/18
Graduate Student Research Day
Lecture: Understanding How Immunotherapy Works
Presenter: Dr. Andrew Veillette, Professor, Department of Molecular Oncology (Clinical Research Institute of Montreal)

Hosted by the Professional & Research Education program (PREP), and the Department of Microbiology & Immunology
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