Research in Medicine

Research in Medicine (RIM) Information

RIM is designed to foster a high level of critical thinking and to create a culture of inquiry among Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine learners. At the end of their undergraduate medical training, graduates should see themselves no longer as just consumers of knowledge, but as professionals with a responsibility to generate knowledge that advances their profession. Ideally, graduates will be inspired to continue their involvement in research throughout their professional lives.

In the first year of their medical degree, students will join a mentor and will work together to develop a research question based on an area of common interest. The mentor will not only supervise their research, but also provide advice about their future in medicine.

The student's project will progress over the four years of their medical degree, although the most intensive periods of research will most likely take place over one summer. Students are eligible to receive a $5,000 studentship during the summer in which they conduct their research.