RIM Mentorship

Benefits of RIM Mentorship

Student and mentor feedback has been overwhelmingly positive when it comes to the mentor-mentee component of RIM. There are many benefits to being a mentor to a student over their medical degree. The role of a mentor is to encourage the personal and professional development of a medical student through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience. A successful relationship is built on respect and communication and involves both parties meeting and communicating regularly. Being mentored is extremely valuable for students as they begin the exciting path to medicine, and also benefits the mentor.

To promote dedicated time to research, each student is eligible to receive a $5,000 summer studentship for their first or second summer in Medical School. Past RIM students have been excited and motivated to collaborate in the research environment, from labs to clinical settings. RIM students are successful at presenting their research at national and international conferences. Experienced faculty have commented that their RIM students have aided their own learning.  Mentoring RIM students is a valuable addition to a CV. 

How to be a RIM Mentor: Faculty interested in the rewarding role of a RIM mentor should complete the form and send it to the RIM Office. Please be as specific as possible about your area of research, including specifics about potential student projects.

RIM Mentor Recruitment Form [PDF 13KB] (fillable when downloaded)



From Mentors

"She is an enthusiastic student who would exemplify the benefits of the RIM program - starting without research experience, she has developed an understanding of research design, analysis, and process. Her progress exceeds expectations."

"He made terrific progress on his RIM project this summer and was completely engaged in his project. It was a pleasure to mentor him."

"My student has made outstanding progress, far beyond what I would expect from any RIM student. He is a gifted and dedicated researcher."

"Wonderful student, very enthusiastic and hard working. Has done work that is great value to our larger study."

From Students

"I would like to emphasize my excellent mentor. Despite delays in our project, I have learned a great deal from him on the practice of medicine and what it means to be a good doctor."

"I have truly had a wonderful experience with RIM. It has given me a great insight into the importance of research in influencing clinical decisions. I'm very thankful for the funding to do my project and for the travel funding to present my research internationally."

"My mentor has been excellent and I have learned a great deal about research and the clinical application of my research findings."

"RIM has been a very positive and educational experience. I think the research I am doing is very interesting and I am grateful for this opportunity. I know it will make me a more competitive CaRMS applicant going into my final year."