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Services & Equipment

The Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine Flow Cytometry CORES Facility offers a broad range of cell sorting and flow cytometric analysis. We currently have five flow cytometers: three analyzers and two sorters (sorters can also be used as analyzers).    

Below, we have a list of all our instruments with descriptions and configuration files provided for each. For a complete list of all our instruments' configurations, download the full configurations with detector filter information provided [PDF-23 KB].

Flow Cytometers

BD FACS Calibur

The BD FACS Calibur is our oldest instrument, yet still performs a great deal of flow cytometry at the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine CORES. It is equipped with a 15mw, 488nm blue argon laser and a 635nm red diode allowing up to four colour analysis with common fluorochromes. Students and trainees have easy access to the FACS Calibur after basic training and online booking is available at https://www.med.dal.ca/facs/index.cfm

 Download the Calibur's configuration [PDF-15 KB]


The BD FACS Canto II was recently acquired for the flow cytometry core as a replacement for the Calibur. The instrument has three lasers: 405nm (violet), 488nm (blue) and 633nm (red) and has eight fluorescence detectors.

Students and trainees have easy access to the Canto II after basic training and online booking is available at https://www.med.dal.ca/canto2/calendar/index.cfm

Download the Canto II's configuration [PDF-17KB]

BD LSR Fortessa SORP

The BD LSR Fortessa SORP is our newest instrument, on site since Sept 2015. The Fortessa is a 4 laser flow cytometer capable of detecting up to 18 fluorescence parameters simultaneously with state of the art optics to ensure maximal excitation, and collection of signals.

It is configured with a 50mW 488nm (blue), 150mW 532nM (green), 200mW 628nm (red), and 100mW 402nm (violet) laser. With higher than standard output these adjustable powered lasers provide exceptional resolution of biological measurements with weak signals. Samples are run by flow cytometry staff and a small group of trained users. Those who have completed the training may access the Fortessa independently and make bookings at https://www.med.dal.ca/fortessa_scheduler/calendar/

Download the Fortessa's configuration [PDF-18KB]


The BD FACS Aria I is a twin laser (488nm and 633nm) high speed cell sorter capable of sorting of up to 4 separate populations simultaneously based on a fluorescence profile of up to 7 individual markers. Only samples that are risk group 1 classified cells can be sorted on this instrument. 

Download the Aria I's configuration [PDF-16KB]


The FACS Aria III is a twin laser high speed cell sorters capable of sorting of up to 4 separate populations simultaneously based on a fluorescence profile of up to 8 individual markers. The instrument has a blue (488 nm) and red (633 nm) laser.  The Aria III is contained in a class II biosafety cabinet and is able to sort risk group 2 agents.

Download the Aria III's configuration [PDF-16KB]



Sample Acquisitions

The flow cytometry staff would be happy to help you acquire and/or analyze your samples. If you plan on running many experiments with 4 colours or less, we recommend that you contact us for training on one of our user-operated flow cytometers: the FACS Calibur and the FACS Canto II. For running more complicated flow cytometry experiments, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Sample Sorting

Sorting is performed by flow cytometry staff. Please contact us for more information about your cell sorting needs and review and complete the sorting application form [PDF-192KB], which also contains information about how to prepare the samples for sorting.