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Cost of use for the flow facility is as per the table below.

Note that most simple acquisitions of 4-8 colours or less are generally performed on the FACS Calibur(maximum 4 clolours) or the FACSCantoII (maximum 8 colours, see configuration) by trained clients. A restricted group of trained users may access the BD Fortessa at “unassisted” rates (see below) otherwise samples will be acquired by flow cytometry staff as “assisted use.” There is a discounted rate for sorting or acquisition after 12.5 hrs per fiscal quarter have been reached.

The BD FACS Aria I and FACS Aria III are solely operated by flow cytometry staff, with a $50 flat setup fee for sorting plus an hourly charge.



Instrument and Service






After 12.5 hr/quarter

Cell Sorting Aria I or III

$50 setup + $40/hr   

$50 setup + $20/hr

$50 setup + $65/hr

Sample/data Acquisition Aria I or III




Sample/data Acquisition FACS Calibur or FACSCanto II





Sample/data Acquisition Fortessa

$50/hr assisted use          

$25/hr assisted use


$35/hr unassisted use   

$15/hr unassisted use


Data Analysis

Charged as regular instrument use