Image of the Month


Stacia Dolliver, MSc candidate

Khaperskky lab


The following image is of generated 293A cells stably expressing EGFP-tagged G3BP1; G3BP1 is a master regulator of stress granule formation and stress granules are an important research topic in the Khaperskyy lab.

Markers like G3BP1 (GFP; teal) and G3BP2 (magenta) are used to visualize stress granule formation. Cells are then infected with viruses, such as coronavirus OC43 (yellow), to examine how stress granule proteins influence infection and how infection influences stress granule formation (white arrowhead).

The winning image is awarded to students and staff operating state of the art imaging technology offered at Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine's CMDI CORES Facility.

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Include a brief discription of what the image is, what instrument was used, and why it is important to your research.