Service Fees & Poster Printing

Confocal Microscopes

  • Leica TCS SP8 near super-resolution setup (lightning) with 4 solid state lasers
  • Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan-super resolution imaging technology
  • Zeiss LSM 710 (upright) laser-scanning microscope
  • Zeiss Cell Observer spinning-disk confocal microscope with FRAP & TIRF
For overnight imaging contact staff for rates



Widefield Microscopes

  • Zeiss Axio Imager Z1 with Colour and Monochrome Camera
  • Zeiss Axio Imager Z2 with Monochrome Camera
  • Zeiss Axio Observer with Monochrome Camera



Specialized Equipment

  • Leica SPI STED super resolution setup with white light laser, 3 depletion lasers, 
    & FLIM capabilities
  • Zeiss Palm Laser Microdissector
  • Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1
  • Bruker Skyscan MicroCT

For overnight imaging contact staff for rates



Computer Workstation Software

  • Zen Blue
  • Zen Black 
  • Leica LASX 
  • Arivis 4D
  • Imaris
  • Fiji/Image J

For overnight imaging contact staff for rates



Poster Printing Services for Scientific Conferences

  • 44' by 44'
  • 44' by 48'
  • 44' by 56'

Please contact staff for questions about poster printing
Prints-Large Format (poster printing $7.50 per sq. ft. (Based on 44' wide paper)