Cost of use for the flow facility is as per the table below.

Note that most simple acquisitions of 4-8 colours or less are generally performed on the FACS Canto II (maximum 8 clolours) or the FACS Celesta (maximum 12 colours, see equipment page for configurations) by trained clients. A restricted group of trained users may access the BD Fortessa and Symphony at “unassisted” rates (see below), otherwise samples will be acquired by flow cytometry staff as “assisted use.” There is a discounted rate for sorting or acquisition after 12.5 hrs per fiscal quarter have been reached.

The BD FACS Aria III and FACS Aria Fusion are solely operated by flow cytometry staff, with a $50 flat setup fee for sorting plus an hourly charge.

Pricing for Image Stream to be provided soon.



Service and Instrument






After 12.5 hr/quarter

Cell Sorting Aria III or Fusion

$50 setup + $40/hr   

$50 setup + $20/hr

$50 setup + $80/hr

Sample/data Acquisition Aria III or Fusion




Sample/data Acquisition FACS Canto II or Celesta





Sample/data Acquisition Fortessa or Symphony

$50/hr assisted use          

$25/hr assisted use


$35/hr unassisted use   

$15/hr unassisted use


Data Analysis

Charged as regular instrument use