Poster Printing

Service Fees - Poster Printing

  Poster Sizing in inches Prices
  44' by 44' 
$ 100.00
  44' by 48' $100.85
   44' by 54’
   44’ by 56’
$ 128.35
   36’ by 44’
   36’ by 48’
  36’ by 54’ $128.35

Frequently Asked Questions?


1. How wide or tall should I make my poster?

One side of your poster should not exceed 44 inches. Please refer to common scientific poster sizing and printing cost above.

Larger posters other than the ones listed in the table (priced $7.50 per sq. ft) are possible, however, one side of the poster cannot exceed 44 inches.

2. How do I submit my poster for printing?

You can either bring a copy of your poster (PDF or Powerpoint) in person or email it to CMDI staff.

Make sure Dal and funding organization logos on the poster or of high quality and  cartoons or graphics on the poster are not pixelated.  

- Download high quality versions of Dal logos (Dal log in required)

3. How soon can I get my poster printed?

Same day printing is possible if the poster is submitted for printing by 1pm that day. However, please give yourself atleast a day or two to be on the safe side.

Notifying CMDI staff 3-4 days in advance that you will be submitting a poster for printing is much appreciated especially during high volume printing days that occur before dal and departmental research days.

4. How can I pay for printing my poster?

All poster printing charges are billed using the DalMedix cores application. Please register using an appropriate enrollment form if you or your lab do not avail other CMDI services.

Dal Residents and others, paying out of pocket, please register yourself as an external user to get an invoice for printing costs.

If you have DalMedix account to track your hours, please provide us a work address and an email to send our invoice. Please note payements are by cheque only and credit card payments are not possible at present.

5. Do you print cloth posters?

Unfortunately, No, we print on Epson premium semimatte photo paper.