Giving Opportunities

Investing in Dalhousie Medical School

A gift to Dalhousie Medical School is an investment in training doctors, delivering patient care, conducting research, improving healthcare, and even contributing to the economy.

How can I help?

Contributions to Dalhousie Medical School come in all shapes and sizes. From the $5 that would eventually blossom into the DMRF’s annual Molly Appeal, to the $12.5 million gift from Beatrice Hunter to establish an endowed chair in cancer research—not to mention the selfless heroes who donate their bodies to science—no gift is too big or small.

To make a donation:

- Give to Dal: Medicine

Scholarships and bursaries and awards – tackling student debt

Medical students in Canada graduate with an average debtload of about $160,000. Creating more  scholarships, bursaries and awards means our students can focus more on becoming great doctors and researchers, and worry less about the acquiring massive student debt. 

How much could a chair possibly cost?

Endowed chairs are held by leading researchers or academics with international reputations in their fields. The significant endowment funds that support these senior faculty generate perpetual funding, so the chairs have long-term stability to build research and academic programs with far-reaching impacts.

The ultimate gift

Dalhousie Medical School is grateful for the generosity of a very special group of donors. Every year, men and women donate their bodies to the medical school, allowing our students to gain critical knowledge of human anatomy and physiology that they could not learn any other way. The Human Body Donation Program is an essential part of our curriculum. A special service honouring these donors takes place every year at Dalhousie Memorial Gardens.

Distributed learning: Maritime Canada’s medical school

Dalhousie Medical School trains students and residents in more than 100 training sites throughout the Maritimes. In fact, we do more medical student teaching outside the city centre than any other medical school in Canada. As our distributed learning programs grow, so does our need for increased financial support for faculty and course development, as well as equipment and infrastructure. To support our Rural Communities Program, visit Give to Dal: Medicine.

In 2010, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) opened its doors, affording students from New Brunswick the opportunity to attend medical school in their home province. To learn more about this exciting new aspect of Dalhousie Medical School, and to discover how you can help this campus, visit Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick.