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A holistic approach

Working with the NS Early Psychosis Program means access to an individualized combination of clinical services, education, research and advocacy.


A strategic team

Gain access to the combined expertise of a team that includes clinical psychologists, occupational therapists and clinical nurses.


A range of services

We support our community by providing a number of services, including clinical care, education, research and advocacy.


Creating knowledge

(08-09-15) Psychiatry Brain Scan Lab

At NSEPP, we’re committed to the kind of research that drives the treatment and understanding of early psychosis forward. Recent projects include clinical trials of new antipsychotic medication and genetic studies.

Pushing for better care

(08-10-09) Psychiatry Library IWK Sign Dr Tibbo

When you’re recovering from psychosis, you don’t have the energy or the time to advocate for yourself. At NSEPP, we do it for you, ensuring that you receive the best possible care so that you feel better, sooner.