About Dalhousie Medicine in the Community

Community engagement and social accountability [PDF - 418.8 kB] are woven into the fabric of Dalhousie Medical School’s mission, vision and values. The medical school strives to improve patient care and population health, not just by graduating highly skilled health professionals and conducting far-reaching research programs, but also by engaging and working directly with communities to achieve shared goals.

The medical school and its faculty members, students and staff feel compelled to contribute to the wellbeing of communities close at hand and around the world. They volunteer their time, effort, talent and passion to help other people in myriad ways. Their actions often speak louder than their words, for many times their efforts go unreported and unrecognized.

Dalhousie Medicine in the Community sheds light on the many ways members of the medical school community are involved in the broader community—and illustrates how communities play a vital role in the medical school’s mission to educate physicians, improve health care and advance research. Dalhousie Medical School and the community have a mutually beneficial relationship that will be strengthened over time with continued efforts to connect and form partnerships for the greater good.