CSUX1 Spinning Disk


How to obtain well resolved images on the CMDI CSU X1 spining disk.

1.  Watch Resolution of a microscope by Dr. Jeff Litchman to understand how Nyquist sampling and pixel sizes of cameras are related.

2. Handy Resolution Calculator.


Chambers for Live Cell Imaging

One Chamlide chamber is available to perform live cell imaging of cells grown on glass cover slips (1.5H/1.5, 18mm dia round). Please let staff know that you will be needing the chambers well in advance. 

Equipment Contributed Publications

1. Karla N. Valenzuela-Valderas, Elmira Farrashzadeh, Yuen-Yan Chang, Yunnuo Shi, Renee Raudonis, Brendan M. Leung, John R. Rohde, Jost Enninga, Zhenyu Cheng,
RACK1 promotes Shigella flexneri actin-mediated invasion, motility, and cell-to-cell spreading, iScience, Volume 26, Issue 11, 2023.

2. Michael Wigerius, Dylan Quinn, Antonios Diab, Leanne Clattenburg, Annette Kolar, Jiansong Qi, Stefan R. Krueger, James P. Fawcett; The polarity protein Angiomotin p130 controls dendritic spine maturation. J Cell Biol 5 February 2018; 217 (2): 715–730.